One WICKED sweet post. Ha.

Guess what! I won the Wicked lottery! AAAH! (Cheer. Clap. Etc.) SO… COOL right?! SO cool in fact, that it has resurrected the blog. (That and I’m borrowing my dad’s adorable mini computer so I now have better access to blogging again.) But Wicked. Let’s just chat about this for a second. So, once upon a time my amazingly wonderful friend, Meaghan, came in town. She was here all of last semester, but went home to Boise to finish school at Christmas (tragic, but wise). So Tuesday to Sunday of this week Meaghan and I played—in between my internship, school, etc. of course. We explored, ate, and shopped—the Manhattan usual.

Adventuring to Grant’s tomb that's President Grant…apparently it’s a national park. We also walked by the apartment building from Enchanted—116 and Riverside. How does she know you love her…

Appreciating Clash of the Titans (Jordan and Bryan were also present…just didn’t make the pic)

Playing tourist in our 3D glasses.

Then come the weekend we devised a brilliant plan: enter the Wicked lottery. (For those of you who don’t know about this wonderful thing let me explain. At 5:30 before certain shows you can stand in line at the theater box office and put your name in a drawing to win up to 2 tickets. Then at 6pm they draw winners who then pay just $26.50 for FRONT ROW seats to the show. If you win you have to be present, have ID on you, and cash.) So Friday night at 5:30 we joined a monstrous line (Wicked is the most popular show and lottery). 6pm…13 names of strangers were called. Rejected, we left and adventured. Saturday, Meaghan, Bryan, and I explored the glorious streets of the Village in the amazing weather..check out our hot/ridiculous shades:

(Bry is taking the pic…such a gentleman.)

Come evening we again decided to try our Wicked luck again. Bryan was a gentleman and came with us to up our odds. So 6pm rolls around. Saturday, holiday weekend…200+ people. The odds were slim. Then the drawing began. Name after name was called…our heads began to hang low. Then, suddenly “Rachel Price”! WHAT?! I confess there was screaming, perhaps a squeal or two, some jumping, then I joined the line of Wicked lottery WINNERS! I repeat I, Rachel Price, won the Wicked lottery!

Ah! I never win anything! (Except for a random photo shoot my sophomore year at BYU—that was an adventure.) But it gets better! (Didn’t think that was possible did you?) The 13th person called was informed that although he put down that he needed 2 tickets, there was only 1 available for him. The sweet boy couldn’t leave his girlfriend and so seeing that Bryan was with us and obviously did not have a ticket he quietly offered to purchase the ticket then sell it to Bryan meaning…(drum roll please)… not only did Megs and I get to experience Wicked,

but Bryan did too!

AND, we all got to sit together! SO fun! We could see expressions, spit…lots of spit actually…and the music was so powerful. Oh I love musicals!

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