Christmas (Dec 21-27)

Gingerbread: So rewind for one sec. I know I said that all I did the day before was sleep. Well that’s only mostly true. I have to tell you that I did dedicate a good 2 or so hours in the evening to decorating my gingerbread house. It’s a tradition in the Price household to decorate these masterpieces. I’ve mentioned them before I believe—legit gingerbread, “stained glass” lollipop windows… Well what really makes or breaks these is the decorating. I’d really love to report that I am a brilliant decorator, but I’m not. In fact, I’m not at all crafty. The word craft can at times even send shivers down my spine. It’s not that I hate them. It’s just that I’m horrible at them. It’s most comical in fact. So every year I get extremely excited to decorate my gingerbread house as every year I known it will turn out to be something brilliant. Somehow every year, however, mine all look the same. I always do the whole Hershey square shutters, cinnamon gum shingled roof…so plane and boring really. But in my defense, creativity doesn’t just come to me. It takes time. And too much time on crafts for me is the equivalent to death. I simply get bored. I just want it to be done. This year, however, I came up with a brilliant scheme. As I stared intently at my blank slate gingerbread house I noticed a bag of nuts on the table—a gift to one of my sisters. If anyone knows anything about my house we’re much fonder of sweets than nuts (with the exception of the Mother…still I’d bank on her choosing chocolate over a nut). Therefore it took next to no convincing to gain consent to use the nuts for my house. So what did I do? Slathered globs of frosting all over both sides of my roof, then slapped handfuls of nuts allover! It looked phenomenal and took just a few brief seconds! My kind of craft! Ere go…this year’s gingerbread house was officially deemed a Nut House! Ha! Get it? My little sis, Sarah aided me to complete this masterpiece. We barred each window with twizlers. And we may or may not have barred Santa within one of the windows. Hey—Santa’s a creeper. “He sees you when you’re sleeping.” Yeah—we were just doing the world a favor! Oh right…and Thirty Bear is guarding the doorway. Thirty Bear is a family stuffed animal that comes with a story of its own…but that’s for another time and another place…

...a real beaut isn't it?!

Monday morning began with a trip to the dentist. Yay. No cavities. Still I have this tooth that has been aching. Well—remember how I fell on my face in August? Hold up—I fear this story occurred before the commencement of this blog. It really is a Rachel defining story, so much so that I may have to share it:

Once upon a time on a warm summer evening, Rachel and her friends were playing night games at BYU. Specifically the Dot Game. The general gist of the game: one person is “it” and stands in the middle of the playing field. They then cover their eyes and start counting backward from any number. Everyone else is supposed to touch 7 bases and then the “it” person without being seen; so as soon as the “it” person starts counting everyone sprints, diving for cover as they hear “3…dot…2…dot….1 dot…” Silence. So we were playing this intense game on this warm, yet dark evening. The majority of players had been spotted and were out. Rachel and just one other friend remained. Rachel sat, crouching near the last base—a pillar. Winning was just within her grasp. “10…dot…9…dot” Rachel stood. She began sprinting. Probably 75 miles per hour. She runs behind a pillar…suddenly without warning she feels her foot collide with something hard. She extends her arms in front of her to break her unexpected fall—but they catch on hard bars and crumple awkwardly against her abdomen. Rachel’s body slams into metal—her shins, thighs, side, jaw, face…then all goes dark. Next thing she knows she’s standing, staggering around. All she wants to do is go home. Her chin, bleeding, was the least of her concerns. She felt nauseated, dizzy. She had been beaten by a bike rack! A measly knee tall demonic bike rack. It came out of nowhere! (That and she had a family picture in but two weeks…and if you know her Father those things hang on the wall indefinitely no matter how ugly any one individual or even the whole family may look.)

This is more than a week post accident:

Ok—so now that you realize that yes I did get knocked out and received a concussion from a bike rack, let’s get back to teeth. In addition to having bruises covering my entire body—legs, arms, abdomen—my face had been attacked. It too had a massive bruise, was scraped, and was grossly swollen (looked like my wisdom teeth had just been taken out). In fact, I can’t tell you how many people asked if I’d been in a car accident. Close guys…real close. Still, even though my body and face ached—it was not the bruises or cuts that in fact truly hurt. No no…it was the opposite side of my jaw. The side that didn’t hit anything. I was completely confused. So finally I went into my dentist—he looked at my jaw and determined that it hurt with reason! When I hit my face on the bike rack it jarred my jaw so hard to the other side that I had in fact TORN a jaw ligament! Who knew that was possible?! Definitely not me! Ha. Remedy: liquid diet, minimal jaw movement, and no singing. Oh yay.

Well now back at the dentist this December Monday morning I told him my tooth had been hurting—since I fell actually. After analyzing my beautiful mouth (ha—I’d hate to be a dentist. I admire those who stare into mouths all day—well more just am amazed that they can do that) he determined that when I had been attacked by the bike rack that I also cracked the inside of a tooth! Hahaha! Oh too funny! Yes world! I am a klutz! I got mauled by a bike rack. I guess with my tooth I’m to evaluate if it gets more painful. If the pain increases to an unbearable level I get my first and hopefully my only crown. Cursed bike racks.

Temple Square
My friend Tanner and I took my older sister Liz to see the lights at Temple Square. So fun! She lasted a full TWO HOURS! Tanner and I were freezing but she kept going! Incredible! Elizabeth made sure we did things right. For example, although we went to see the lights she made sure we never actually looked at them—“they could make you go blind”. Still my favorite moment of the night was at the end when she shared that we should probably get milkshakes to warm us up! Milkshakes! We were freezing. Tanner suggested hot chocolate but no—she thought milkshakes. The logic: “Milkshakes are warmer than ice cream—that’s why they’re runnier”. Ha. Brilliant.

Christmas Crafts
My wonderful Grandma ZoBell usually hosts an annual Christmas craft party. Due to various reasons, she was unable to host one this year. Although we would have loved to host one at our house—we were focused more on my brother leaving, etc. Therefore, we had our own mini Christmas craft party Wednesday. Again—me and crafts…well…I’m horrible. That’s why I choose the most simple crafts. Loved it—a snowman puzzle that I could paint. Like a coloring book all I had to do was keep colors within the lines. I confess some of the lines were crossed—but it’s endearing that way, right? Ha. It’s interesting: my family has two types of girls—the ultra talented crafty, and the ultra not crafty. Tina, Bekah, and Steph are ultra talented crafty. They are creative and make the most beautiful crafts. Sarah—she claims she’s not crafty—but I could argue that she is. Shell and I—well whether or not things look good we don’t really care. It’s not so much we’re just horrible, but rather—I’ll be crafty for 30 minutes, then after that I’m done. Perhaps it’s a craft A.D.D. It’s comical. Shell painted a lovely sign. Then was done. It’s now hanging on our kitchen window.

Sister Missionaries
I had the most glorious surprise Wednesday Eve. One of my dear friends, Alex Ahern, is serving a mission in Salt Lake. AND…she and her companion were making visits in our area Wednesday night and happened upon our house! I answered the door and was completely shocked! Ha! She is amazing! She’s who really got me excited to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. This summer will be the first one she’ll miss in 16 YEARS! She even opened her call on top of the hill this summer! She is so great because she is so positive, so energetic, and so dedicated! She and her companion sang “Silent Night” for us in Japanese—it was great.

Christmas Eve Day:
Our Christmas Eve day began with a showing of The Princess and the Frog. Hysterical! First off: any movie with my family is funny. Why? Because everything is funny to us. Especially when it’s not really funny. The Princess and the Frog is great though—fun music, happily ever after. The whole Shadow Man voodoo thing was little strange—especially cause he has a belly shirt that is kinda not attractive at all. But still I was a fan…of the movie I mean.

Annual Christmas Eve Talent Show Prep
Thursday afternoon my family and I realized we had to put together a piece for the annual Christmas Eve talent show at the Price Grandparents. Talent: many in the fam have participated in what we call synchronized swimming numbers. Therefore, we put one together for our fam in approximately 30 minutes. How? Blue sheet held by two individuals on either side as water, swimsuits and wet suits over clothes, goggles, sweet dance moves…what more do you need? It was probably more comical for us—but it was fun.

Christmas Eve
We had the wonderful annual dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Price’s. Turkey, lamb (I believe in honor of the shepherds), yams, salad, fruit, funeral potatoes, desserts galore (including my favorite muddy buddies!)…yum.

Then we cleared the room for the Nativity. As youngins we all participated in full out costume. This year, however, one family was assigned to share the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. My Uncle Ryan and Aunt Mimi’s family shared the story through a combination of scriptures and Christmas hymns. It was really beautiful—they did a great job. Following the nativity we had the annual talent show—our family performed our group number, there were a number of solo performances (piano and singing), and then our cousins—Mike, Jamie, Jodie, Anna, and Angie—all played a Christmas hymn on the piano…together. Not an easy feat but they pulled it off superbly. I think my favorite talent of the night was my older sister, Elizabeth’s rendition of Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer.

Every year she gets up—so brave and so practiced. She’s adorable! My sister Bekah and I have determined that in heaven she will be a rock star—best singer/performer of all the angels. You’ll see.  Oh right...and don't forget the annual playing of the bells led by Grandma Price!  The best part of my Christmas Eve!


Our tradition: first…none of this 6am garbage. No no…we sleep. 9:30—early, but doable. So we walk in a cheesy but endearing single file line—youngest to oldest—out into the living room while our Pops films. And guess what! Santa came! What did he bring?! Well—to me he gave me Rebekah! And by that I really mean he gave me a “Sisters week in NY”. Exciting no?! Can’t wait!  To Sarah and Shell...well he may or may not have placed coal in their stockings. Rebekah and I had nothing to do with that.

Other great gifts:
-Steph made me a wand—with a feather of a phoenix! And a beautiful handmade bracelet of brown and orange yarn!

-Tina made everyone scarfs—gorgeous! They look professional/store bought! Mine’s a beautiful gray-brown!

-Oh—so Sarah got the Perfect Brownie Pan. It has a divider you place in the pan so that EVERY piece is an edge piece! She made them for us…and they ARE in fact perfect! Yum!

(Except when you don’t put flour in them…cough cough…lil sister I shall not name…cough cough. Even then they’re quite good; just gooey.)

Annual Christmas Luncheon at the ZoBells
All the cousins and aunts and uncles gather annually on Christmas afternoon to eat, drink, and be merry…just joking. But we are merry…and technically we do eat and drink. So fun. Such cheer.

My dear lil sister, Rebekah, and I were huge Fern Gully fans as youngins. Recently, a “grown up” version of this epic film was made: Avatar. Obviously we had to see it. So we did. Although this version wasn’t about fairies—but rather large blue people, and there was no Batty it was still surprisingly decent. In fact…I quite enjoyed it!

Savior of the World
Saturday evening we went as a family to the musical, Savior of the World. It really was beautiful. The first half is about before Christ was born, and the second half was about after his death—regarding the Resurrection and such. It was lovely. Oh—while we waited in line we played the casting game: where you people watch and “cast” individuals as parts in movies. You might try to find the head cheerleader, terrorist, evil principal, superhero in disguise…anything really. Sure it may promote judging and stereotyping a bit—still I recommend it as a light hearted time filling game.

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