Every Second Counts (Dec 14-20)

12am-8am: study/Policy paper
Day: Internship
Evening: study/another Policy paper
Night aka 8pm: the dreaded statistics final! DUN...Dun...dun...please note: this was taken early so I could have a lengthier Christmas break. Did I pass? Still waiting to find out. Will I hate my life if I didn't pass...not as much as my next teacher will hate his. Just joking! Let's just hope I passed.
Later in the night: ANOTHER Policy paper at Meaghan's...our last hang out for reals!
12am-5am: finished all Policy papers
5am-5:45am: pack, clean, freak out
5:45am: picked up by Super Shuttle
9am-ish: flight to SLC...no one knew! Muahahaha! Well--no one but my parents, my sister Bekah (and perhaps a friend or two--I was too excited). Let me explain: my last final was schedlued for the day AFTER my bro left for the MTC (Wednesday the 16th). Unacceptable. Therefore, before Thanksgiving I began intently to OK taking finals early/submitting finals online/making up internship hours/etc with professors/supervisors in order to get home the day BEFORE my brother left...as a SURPRISE! Oh...and I slept approximately 2.5 hours on the plane--in case you were wondering.
12pm: Land...Bekah picked me up
2pm: Hid in a suitcase (ouch). Bekah sat studying her biology out loud next to me while we awaited my brother's return.
2:15pm: my lil bro started kicking this third suitcase asking (worriedly I should add) what on earth my mother thought he needed to take--THREE suitcases?! Muahahaha. Finally he stooped down, unzipped the bag, and stared SO confused. His expression progression: confused, what the..., realization, then happy (or at least that's how I interpreted it). It was great! He had NO idea I was coming home...in fact he thought he'd said goodbye to me for 2 YEARS at Thanksgiving. Oh happy day!
6pm: Fancy family dinner...roast in Sunday best. Loved it.
8pm: The stake pres came over to set Matty P apart.
8:15pm: Elder Price is official!

Rest of the night:
First our neighbors--the Jeppsons and Maxfields--came by for a last minute visit. Talk about amazing families! I love the family friendship there! We enjoyed laughter as those who have already served missions shared comical mission stories.
Then we finished the night by having one final sibs slumber party...SO fun!
Wednesday:9am: Mickey Mouse waffle breakfast
9:30am: to the airport!
LOTS of pictures,

brother sista love,

last minute ZoBell male modeling,

jumping pictures,


and then of course the hugs and tears (which I have chosen not to visually document here). Hey--7 girls 1 boy...there had better be a lot of tears! Tender really! We pretty much have the best brother! Be jealous!
12pm-2pm: Final field work assignments completed and submitted online
2pm Wednesday-1pm Thursday: start, work on, complete, AND submit 12 page final research paper for my HBSE class! I love all nighters!

1pm-4pm: LAST FINAL!
4pm: dress fitting
So now that I had completed finals, said farewell to my brother for 2 years, and pulled 3 all nighters in 4 days...I could finally start thinkin bout how one of my absolute best friends was getting hitched on the 19th!

Missy Johnson: friends since 8th grade! Grew up in the same ward! Played on many of the same volleyball teams (club and high school)! Were BYU roommates...and I still just LOVE the girl! Oh and I got to be a bridesmaid! Yay. Lucky for us (meaning the bridesmaids), Missy actually cared that her bridesmaids liked their dresses. In fact, she even desired us to like them so much that we could wear them again! Imagine that! I don't know what it is about most brides trying to dress their bridesmaids in beyond ugly outfits... I think perhaps some brides do it so they feel prettier or skinner by making their bridesmaids look fat and style-less. Well news flash crazies: aside from drawing attention to your insecurities, ugly bridesmaid's dresses just make your pictures and your taste look LAME! And by all that I really just mean thanks Missy! Great dresses, style, confidence, and taste!
Still, there is a bridesmaids dress story:
Thursday late afternoon I headed over to the seamstress' house for a final (and technically my only) fitting. My cute sister, Tina, accompanied me. The two of us arrived and I was directed to a room to try on my dress. Tina came with me...I entered...a shirt sat on the bed. Tina and I exchanged skeptical looks. Finally I put it on: it was a booty dress! Optimistically I thought to myself, ok she must be adding length. The seamstress entered. She LIKES the length! She claims Missy wanted it that short; I quote "She wants to show off your legs"! WHAT?! You have GOT to be KIDDING me! She wasn't. Turns out it was a misunderstanding between Miss and the seamstress--finally I convince her to allow me a dress to just above my knees. Her first thought ws adding ruffles; luckily she decided against ruffles nd added over 1/2 a foot to my dress in order to make it long enough. Please keep in mind that I'm quite short--over 1/2 a foot is much more than 1/2 my thigh!

7pm: drive to Provo for one final not married girls hang out with Miss! We of course hit up PF Changs. Delicious! We got our fave gluten free lettuce wraps! Loved it! Then we had root beer floats back at her apt. It was SO good to see some of my Provo/BYU friends again--Cara, Tanner, Jar, Jeff, Mer, Julie among some! I just LOVE them! A lot a lot actually!
11pm: Hung out at Tanner, Jar, and Jeff's for a bit...until quarter to 1 actually. I know that because at 12:45 In and Out cme up. As in an In and Out has been built in Orem! Can you believe it?! Not knowing when I'd be in Provo again I realized I had to venture over there--so Jeff, Tanner, and I quickly drove to In and Out before it closed at 1am. Fabulous! Divine shakes and fries! Happiness! Though I got home around 2:45...

7am: Picked up my dress. Beautiful! Lovely! To my knees! Modest! Temple grounds appropriate! AND...it's plum! Aka purple! Aka love it!
9:30am: I helped Miss and some gals arrange her reception flowers--talk about beautiful. I didn't so much do the arranging as arts and crafts are not really my cup of tea. I got to use this phenomenal machine that binds these pins to the ends of flowers/branches so they can be stuck into the arrangements. It was the perfect job for me.
Finished product:

12pm: a lil Christmas shopping
4:30pm: the wedding dinner
I love that Miss can't eat gluten either...cause it meant that there was fabulous gluten free food! It was such a great wedding dinner too! There was a brief but sweet program--words from the padres and friends (including a 2 minute or so blurb from me), and some musical numbers/words by some sibs. It really was great.
Friday night: Sister slumber party! I don't know what it is about slumber parties...but I just love them!

6am: wake...sit...eat...sit...
6:30am: shower and primp
7:15am: pick up Karen
7:30am: pick up Katie
7:40am: head to Manti for Mis Melissa's wedding
Talk about THE most beautifuly magical drive! The sun was glistening on the untouched fields of snow. It was like a glitter covered world. My favorite were the trees--frosted over and gleaming in the sun. Absolutely breathtaking!

10:15am-11:15am: Dropped off my padres then had a lil Walmart adventure during the actual temple ceremony...during which we purchased some fabulous car decorating supplies.
11:30am to who knows when pm: PICTURES! In the frigidness of winter.

Was it a bad experience though? Absolutely not! In fact, it was SO cold that the pain was gone; we were numb! It was wonderful!

Smiling, laughing, hugs in desperation for heat,

patterned tights,

"penguin huddles" for warmth

...and of course jumping pictures!

It was SUCH a blast! And oh my gosh did Miss look absolutely GORGEOUS!
(Mike looked fab too...loved the suit!)

5pm: pics at Red Butte
6pm-9pm: Reception...which was a blast! I got to hold Missy's (and I guess technically Mike's too now) 4-month-old (I think) nephew for a good portion of the reception, decorated the getaway vehicle, and saw numerous friends from high school/ward/etc that I haven't seen in ages. It was marvelous. Not to mention the food was delicious!

Oh right...and Miss and Mike again looked fabulous and SO happy!

Love them!
I should also add that while Missy is wonderful, I'm definitely a Mike fan too! Miss and I were roommates when they met at a bonfire (hosted by Miss and me). It was close to love at first sight...the rest was history. The two of them are fabulous--independently and together!
Congratulations and Best Wishes my two AMAZING friends!
I am beyond happy for the both of you!

Note: though I'd love to say I took the pics of Miss and Mike's wedding I am not that talented...they are from Bekah Johnson (a friend/Missy's sister-in-law).

10pm-2am: Tanner, Jarom, Jeff, and Jane came over to my casa where we ate pizza, drank caprisuns, and played Balderdash along with some of my wonderful family. Then while I sat dead tired, Jeff and Jar worked on a complex puzzle until 2am. Don't worry though--they left the last piece for my sister, Tina, who was actually responsible for initiating the puzzle fest.

9am: church
Rest of the day: Sleep...literally the whole day. Why? Let's calculate my weeks sleep:

Sunday night=0
Monday night=0; 2.5 hours on the plane
Tuesday night=4 hours (remember that last sibling slumber party)
Wednesdy night=0; 2 hour nap Thursday morning I confess
Thursday night=4 hours
Fridy night=5 hours
Saturday night=4 hours
Total=21.5 total hours of sleep for the week!

Note: for me to be truly content I should have gotten nearly 50 hours! 8 hours/night. Sigh--thus the Sunday slumber fest--literally a day of much needed rest!

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