Catch Up (Nov 30-Dec 6)

Oh know it's a problem when the last time I blogged I was at Utah...and I'm writing now again Utah. Miss me? Well sit back, relax, and catch up on the last month of my precious lil life:

Back to NYC after a fabulous Thanksgiving break...landed at midnight. Planning ahead I scheduled to take Super Shuttle back to my apartment so not to have to bother with the subway when I had my internship early in the morning and I still was feeling quite ill. Well turns out Super Shuttle is not really all that super. So landed at midnight...picked up at 12:30...then drove around the airport picking up at least 11 others until...2 AM! I kid you not! 2 AM! Remember how I landed at 12? Oh I was SO tired! Then we started driving to the city to drop everyone off. Want to take a guess as to who was the last to be dropped off? Me! Ha! I hit my pillow at 4am...I repeat 4AM! I slept for approximately 2 hours, got up to do homework, then was at my internship by 9am. Yuck! I do not like little sleep. In fact, I get quite crabby when that happens. So naturally, I battled my sleep deprived moodiness all day.

Tuesday: school, homework, and sadly still rather ill...

Wednesday: Foundations of Social Work Final Presentation: 1 hour on genograms (those family trees on drugs I mentioned in a previous post). It went spectacularly: A!

School, school, school...then that evening Meaghan and I attempted to take on the crowds to witness the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree. Some might say we failed...I like to think of it as semi succeeded. We saw the tree...from a distance. However, there were thousands of individuals all with umbrellas due to the downpour of frigid December rain. If we didn't think it was so absolutely comical we may just have decided it was beyond miserable. Finally we determined that we saw enough and went back to the warmth of her apartment with caramel apple cider and watched the lighting on TV. So fun. And a success I might add.

Thursday: CUSSW paid for each Clip group (remember those...our Columbia orientation groups) to go to dinner with a faculty member. Our group went to Dinosaur BBQ Something Rather with the Head of Advisement. It was mostly fun just seeing everyone again. Those I was closest to during orientation I keep in touch with and still see often...but some of my group I hadn't seen since...well since orientation. Good company topped off with some seriously scrumptious food--family style ribs, chicken, heaven--loved it! Absolutely loved it!

Later in the evening my roommates and I had a little sit down/bond time just to be sure as new roommies we're all on the same page. Good news: we're all on the same page (what that means: I'm not quite sure. Really I just think it means we all get along, we like each other, and we're if you will). And we all like each other! My roommates are seriously phenomenal! The nicest, most adventurous, smart, and amazing gals! Love them! Love the apartment! We even have a cleaning chart...I LOVE cleaning charts (and I'm being dead serious!).

Friday: field, homework party with Meaghan (finals are coming)...oh and hot cocoa
Note: Friday night was the film festival where the film I was in with my friends the previous week was shown. I didn't have any desire to go...none at all. However, I have to share that lo and behold our film took THIRD! Apparently 1st place was phenomenal, 2nd place no one knows how it won (just cause it wasn't really a movie but rather a slide show), and then ours everyone loved! People claim it was hysterical. I admit parts were comical--but I thought the humor was really in making it, not watching it. Still--yay us! Ha.

Note: No movie beats last years FHE film! Look up "A Provo Romance" on youtube to see true skill and true beauty as our entire FHE group participated in a romance film. The story: a sweet spirit (that may or may not be me) tries to woo men with a plate of cookies. She essentially stalks stereotype BYU couples as they all experience love. Does the sweet spirit find love? I'm not giving that away... I repeat: go to youtube and type in "A Provo Romance".

Saturday: Housewarming Party! From 9pm to 3am we had our friends--ward, school, work, etc--come celebrate our adorable lil apartment with us. It was so much fun!

Sunday: Sabbath: Rest: Peace: My Fave Day: Love it!

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