Let the Holidays Begin

My week was busy...

Monday I had my internship--but mostly I was just ill. Ha--so I slept a lot that night. No FHE, nada...

Tuesday: sick again. I thought if I popped enough Cold--eeze and Airborn I could thwart off the illness. Fail. Still--it was a full day. Internship, followed by nap, followed by...movie making. Ha.

Oh I love dumb videos. So the Manhattan singles wards in the stake have this annual film festival called Lingos. I hadn't planned on participating due to the large quantities of homework I have; however, I became an accidental lead in just one night. Ha. My roommate, Laura, was supposed to play this part in her fiance's roommate's film. At the last minute, however, she decided she no longer had any desire to play the part, so in order to save herself she convinced me to do the part. We began filming at 8pm.

The story: boy calls girl, boy asks girl out, girl thinks boy asks her to go dancing, girl says yes, boy says cool beans. Neither boy nor girl can dance. Aka problem. Boy asks friend to teach him to dance. Girl asks friend to teach her to dance. Lots of awkward dancing scenes. Boy picks girl up. Boy and girl go to club. Boy and girl look like FOOLS. Boy finally confesses he can't dance. Girl confesses she can't dance either. Haha very funny. The end.

So the night is not over. Filming break at 10pm for my roommate, Kelly's bday dinner at Juniors. Yum--they have phenomenal desserts! Cheesecakes in particular. Not to mention their fabulous steak fries. Pretty much they just do a good job at food all together.

Filming resumes: 11:30pm. (Keep in mind I'm leaving for the airport at 5:45am) The later it got, the funnier the filming became--including our "acting" (if that's what you can call it), our dancing, pretty much everything. It was a blast--there were si of us and we just had a blast. Finally--3:30am we finish filming. One of our "co-actors" (ha) insisted on paying for a cab for us as it was late...what a gentleman. So I go home...begin packing...4:30 I get a little shut eye only to wake up 45 minutes later to catch my flight.

The flight
Ha--you thought I just slept didn't you? Well I only slept 4.5 hrs of the 5 hr flight. Tht leaves 30 minutes for story. The story: RM. Oh typical RM. Ha. I sat by this boy coming home from Brazil--he went straight to the Brazil MTC, had only Portuguese companions, and a Portuguese mission President. Aka he hadn't spoken English in two years. It was hilarious! And by that I mean HE was hilarious. He would be mid sentence when he would suddenly revert back to Portuguese completely unaware of the change. I kept having to stop him and be like, whoa hold up there buddy. You aint speakin English no more. Oh I kept having to stop him and be like, hold up there buddy...you aint speakin English no more. Oh it was great. So he'd try again, do fine for a bit, then that Portuguese would just pop out again. I fear while I thought it was hysterical he actually found it slightly awkward. Haha. Ok story over...THEN I slept for 4.5 hrs. Wonderful sleep!

Home Sweet Home
My cute fam greeted me at the airport. We bonded. SOme of the little people in my family are not so little any more...some vertically, others horizontally (JUST JOKING! Haha). They are all just beautiful thought! Love them! We all bonded for some time...then that night we had our most spectacular annaul tradition...

...The Transiberian Orchestra!

Haven't heard of them? Please look them up! Pretty much it's classical music turned rock with a laser light show and crazy performers who run all over the stage, jump, and flip their hair like it aint nobody's business. It's impressive. Now I know it doesn't sound like most holiday traditions that families have. But let me be clear: we do the whole gingerbread house making thing, acting out the Nativity, we do turky on Thanksgiving, pies, candy making... This tradition, however, has just one simple explanation: my father! And it's awesome! I'd like to specifically praise the violinist. Picture this: violining, in a little bit too short of a dress, with tall boots on, flicking her hair in EVERY direction on EVERY note, running...no sprinting back and forth across the stage...even up into the audience. It was SO impressive. I don't really understand how she didn't wipe out, pass out, vomit, or simply drop over dead. So fun.

Again why would we start our Thanksgiving like any other family? Our Thanksgiving morning we spent filming a lovely little movie for a biology assignment my sister Bekah had to do. Topic: Reproduction. So Bekah had us act in a movie in which six sperm are racing to get the egg. Meaning: six of my precious innocent family members were required to wear blue hoodies pulled tight over their heads to represent sperm as they encountered countless barriers. Haha. Even our sweet little 11-year-old sister was a sperm. So wrong. At the end of the race (filmed on East High School's track) filled with obstacles was the egg...dressed in all pink...ya...that would be me. I don't really want to talk about it. Want to see pictures? Ha...you wish. Moving on...

Dinner at the Grandparents! Every year we go either to my Dad's parents' or my Mama's parents'. This year we went to my Dad's parents: Grandma and Grandpa Price. We had a fabulous time! We did the whole turkey, mashed, gravy, stuffing, yams, beans, pie, etc...thing. But in addition to the typical Thanksgiving goodness, there are some noteworthy items that make Thanksgiving at the Prices particularly special:

1. Assigned seating. The solution for childish fights over who's sitting by who: name tags! I don't think I've ever had to choose where I'm going to sit.

2. Rasberry jam. Grams makes the most spectacular rasberry jam to go with her heavenly rolls! She even provides mini jars for those who have Celiac (like me) so to prevent gluten contamination.

3. Even if you vacuum Gramps will vacuum AGAIN! It's awesome...try it.

4. We always end up with some of the BEST pictures...

Night: well...my lil bro Matty is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for two years in Uruguay. As he leaves December 16th, he will not be able to spend Christmas with the fam. For this reason, we decided to do the annual family gift exchange over Thanksgiving. (We usually draw a name the day after Thanksgiving and then are responsible for getting a meaningful gift for that person by Christmas Eve. It's all secretive, but very fun.) So Sarah had the brilliant idea to deck the halls with holly...fa la la la la blah blah blah...she had the idea to decorate for our Friday Christmas party! Brilliant I tell you! So we busted out some Christmas jams and got to decorating. Lights, Santas, holly, wreaths, snowmen, nutcrackers, and my favorite: the beautiful nativities!

Friday: Merry Christmas!
Ha--ok so not yet. During the day I mostly studied. And by that I mean I really slept and didn't do the homework I was planning on doing (hey...I've been quite ill); and I hung out with the fam.

Night: Christmas!
In honor of my visit (I like to think), we had a Cafe Rio Christmas dinner that was simply divine! We ate it amidst our beautiful Christmas decor. Then: game night! We played an excellent game of Balderdash--a game of of creative lying (we teach such great morals). Just joking. The funniest was that we all had to make up a number of answers, definition, etc, and apparently we're all related as on one answer 40% of us all made up out of the blue the very same answer! Bizarre how families think alike. Games were followed by a hot cocoa bar and a random new Christmas movie my dad picked up for an extremely cheap price somewhere...and well...I fell asleep, and Christina reports it had the "dumbest ending ever". Haha.

Saturday is a special day it's the day we prepare for...
BYU vs Utah! And...drum roll...for those of you who haven't heard BYU WON! Ya baby! That's my school! Way to make me proud boys!

Night we had one last sibling slumber party in the basement during which we have all agreed that when our baby--Steph--turns 50 we are going on a Disneyworld trip with our spouses...Mickey Mouse ears and all! We also all shared one goal that we're each going to accomplish in the next ten years.

Family Goals:
Steph: famous painting, write a book, potentially be an astronaut...and maybe go to Mars
Tina: 1st or 2nd grade teacher
Sarah: write a book: "The bum is under the clothes"...and work with refugees
Michelle: also write the book: "The bum is under the clothes"...and possible be an el ed teacher
Matty: learn another language (Spanish perhaps?)
Rebekah: fluent in Spanish

Rachel: write a book (not titled, "The bum is under the clothes"
Elizabeth: asleep and could not answer...though we love her dearly too
Dad: visit his children all over the world
Mom: quote: "survive"

The farewell.
Matt spoke in Church and delivered a fabulous message on Eternal Life. It was truly a great talk. Tina was the musical number and played "A Child's Prayer" on the piano--spectacular really!

Then the actual farewell.
My bro leaves December 16th and my last final is the 18th. He therefore accompanied my Grandpa and me to the airport where he helped me bring in my bags, then walked me to the security line where...we took one last JUMPING PICTURE! Hugs all around then goodbye for two years. Oh my brother is SO cool! Thanks Matty P for being the best brother ever! I don't know what I'd do without you! Though I'm sad to say farewell for now...I know you're doing waht you need to be doing and it's exactly what I want you to be doing too! I just love you! You're going to be awesome! And by that I mean...be humble and serve...then if you happen to be awesome then that's cool too! Ha. Jk. Loves!

Now I'm sitting in the airport...surprisingly enough there was no line...anywhere...so I'm sitting, typing, people watching, there is a strange family running around with a stuffed animal monkey asking everyone if they'll pose in pictures with it. Weird. There is a tearful woman on a cell phone--she looks like she could use a hug. I can see I'm on a flight to NY again--the fashion in my waiting area is a bit exciting again...geez don't these people know they're flying and getting in close to midnight. Who is there to impress? Put those high heal boots and flashy tights away! Jeans? Sweats? Comfort? Oh oh oh...and we ARE in Utah. There are plenty of big, young families--6 kis here...looks like 5 across the way. Oh, now landing I see we have a lot of our BYU students coming back--BYU paraphernalia everywhere. Shirts, hats...go Cougars! Oh drat...computer's dying. Sorry folks but that's all the people watching you're going to join me on. Loves.

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