Sleep? I Don't Believe In It.

Busy busy busy...
After a lengthy internship day, Monday night I had a meeting with my foundations group and professor at NYU Starbucks. It's presentation time. I'll be giving an hour presentation right after Thanksgiving on making genograms. What is a genogram you might ask? Well let me tell you: a genogram is a super fancy snazzy family tree that doesn't just show who you're related to but it includes medical problems, diseases, addictions, who you get along with, who you don't get along with, etc...they're complicated but fascinating. I call it a family tree on drugs. My professor expects us to be creative, so instead of doing an example with just any family we've decided to use Cinderella. Only we're saying Prince Charming brought her in because he's been worried cause she's been "talking to mice". We're going to show a medical history with schizophrenia. And here all y'all thought Cinderella had such a magical life. Sorry to bust your bubble but the genogram shows she's a lil bit unhealthy if you know what I mean. Let's be honest: mice don't talk folks...let alone make ball gowns. We're quite excited.

Tutoring is so funny. I just love the girl I tutor. So she's nine--and quite smart. Today she had all of her homework done before she arrived and so obviously she didn't want to do more work. So I got creative--and by that I mean I copied my cousin, Jamie Price. Jamie is a fabulous artist. When she applied for the BYU art program one of the things she had to do was complete pictures. They would give her a square and there would be a random squiggle or dot in it that she had to then turn into a picture. (Oh gee I hope this is making sense) Well I wanted to do creative activities with my kid so I drew boxes on a piece of paper then I would put random squiggles, dots, etc in each box and she had to make pictures out of them. She loved it! She was so creative too! We did a couple variations during the night--the next round I gave her 8 boxes with random lines and dots inside and 8 items (ie: animal, candy, building, etc). She then in any order had to make each box into one of the listed items. So fun.

First Year Community Forum:
For the past few weeks the first year reps have been putting together a community forum during which some of their concerns would be addressed and the students could also ask questions. Talk about success. We predicted 50 (if we were lucky) as that is how many came to the second year forum, one point we had over 100 students! We came a little short on pizza, but people still seemed rather pleased. We had deans of financial aid, field work, advising, etc present; it was extremely informative. Yay.

So...I'm moving. A friend from New Jersey is moving into town, so four of us are moving into a new apartment where I get my own room for essentially the same price I'm currently paying for my shared. has lots of natural lighting. Oh happy happy day! The nice thing is that our move out dates from our current apts are December 1st--but we have two free weeks of rent at our new apt so we took the opportunity to paint. Ok--Hayley my new roommate took the opportunity to paint. It's quite stunning--like a rainbow really. I haven't taken pics yet...but they're coming. So you walk in, to the left is the kitchen which is red. Not just kinda red...but bright, wake you up in the morning red. Going straight you walk down a nice olivey green hallway. At the end of the hallway...a fuchsia (more purple than pink) living room. Hayley and Melissa share a room that is now bright teal. Then there is more green hall, a pink bathroom, Erin's room is dark gray...and my bedroom which is [drum roll] a light but "rich" (according to Hayley) yellow! Yay! What a happy color. Good news about the apt: I'm still in my same ward, just one block from the 1, and closer to campus. So it's pretty much a win, win, win, and well just win situation.

New Moon:
I've never read it...and I probably never will. However, I did join the hundreds of screaming girls at the midnight showing of New Moon! Haha. It was a blast. My roommate is unbelievably obsessed (it's her laptop background and screen saver, she has posters, a pillow with Edward, a blanket with Edward, 2 New Moon tshirts, many a posters...the list goes on and on...) so she purchased tickets in Septemeber. I had class so could join the line fun til later--but they waited in line for over 5 hours (which benefited me because that meant I got the best seats!). I always love midnight showings--so much clapping, screaming, etc. In fact, I was nervous someone was going to scream their little voice box right out of their thoat.

My personal New Moon review? It is a thin plot carried by sexual tension. Harry Potter is WAY better! Sorry "twihards"...but I will forever remain loyal to JK Rowling and her fabulous world of muggles and wizard and good conquering evil, and fabulous plots, and relationships based on more than just a desire for an individual's blood.
Friday evening I swore off my social life in order to pack. Ps: I swear when you swear off your social life everyone suddenly wants to do everything...curses. Ha. But I was strong and packed long and hard.
Saturday morning at 8am my two friends--Tim and Joey--helped me move. Joey has a car so it made moving a lot easier. It went extremely fast too!
And that's my fabulous week!

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