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So this whole blog thing kinda cracks me up. Why? Because it's all about me. Haha. I have essentially made a website for others to read about me, my life, my thoughts...me, Me, ME! It makes me sound anything but humble.

So...let's talk about MY week shall we...

My week started off quite fabulously with my first Madison Square Garden experience!
I went with some friends to a Knicks game...and who were they playing? That's right: my home town the Jazz! So when I first moved here I made a list of all the things I must do while here--and believe it or not, seeing a Knicks game made the list! Why? Well--it's not because I'm really that much of a basketball fanatic. In fact, it really has to do with the fact that I LOVE the movie How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days!

General gist of the movie: this girl is trying to do all the things guys hate in order to "lose" this guy she's dating. You know--clingy, whiney, needy, sappy pet names, etc. Well one of the things they do in the movie is go on a date to a Knicks game. All goes fine and dandy until the last minute of the game. The score is nearly tied; suddenly the girl complains that she is thirsty and begs for a Diet Coke...no ice. So the guy RUNS to get the Diet Coke for her and makes it back before it's over. So she sips it, then complains that it's not diet and makes him miss the very end of the game as he tries to make her happy! It's hilarious! So on my date it took everything in me NOT to be for a Diet Coke...no ice at the end of the game too! Ha! I was strong. My date was nice and I didn't want to make him miss the game.

And in fact, it was a great game to watch--not because either team is particularly good, but because they're both really bad. The Jazz had about a 14 or so point lead in the 3rd quarter, and ended up winning I think by 2 points. So in the end it got rather intense--but my home town team made me proud!

Monday was also a very important date. Any guesses why? November 9th…? Because [drum roll] it was my ½ birthday! Yay! While that’s true, what made it really important is that it was my lil bro’s 19th birthday!


My lil bro may be one of the coolest people I know. Why? Wow—SO many reasons. So rather than try to give a list of all the amazingness about him I’m going to answer:

Question: When people ask you about your little brother what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Answer: A family trip in Peru. The fam had just completed a humanitarian project with ASCEND Alliance in Ecuador; afterward we toured a bit of Peru. While touring, this kid in our group left his wallet at a previous site, so while he went back to get it (about 30 minutes back), most of us lounged around eating ice cream as we were all beat from building a school, teaching health courses at an unbelievably high altitude, etc. Matt was even more tired than most of us as he had spent the week carrying heavy rocks, etc in order to build an adobe stove.

So we’re all sittin around relaxing and being lazy when it became apparent that he was missing. After a quick search we found him…he was helping a little old man digging a ditch. He had found an extra shovel, and Matt with all of his football muscles was digging at an ubelievable rate. The cute old man was elated! The rest of us stared guiltily at our ice cream, and one by one we all followed his example and joined in.

Matt is such a fabulous example of service leadership. He is always looking to serve and help others. And as he does such, others follow his example.

I just love ya lil bro! Thanks for being so cool!
You’re going to be one awesome missionary!

On a not so happy note I’d like to address stats. And by stats I mean the revolution I started. The story: once upon a time a bunch of social work students were required to take a statistics course. Why social workers would be required to take math gone wrong, I’ll never know. Continuing…it was a brief and nasty course—but 7 weeks. The course was pass/fail—pass being a “B”. So if you got less than a “B” rather than receiving a “B-” or something on your transcript you get…dun dun dun…an “F”. 60% of the grade came from the homework. So as you can imagine these poor statistics students took their homework extremely seriously.

Now, there is a villain in the story. A rather evil TA…we’ll call him Bob for privacy sake. Now Bob was a very strict TA; he was a very stubborn TA. His goal was to fail everybody—end of discussion. Assignment one was returned…not a student got above 50%! Why? Because he forgot to tell us that we had to show work on EVERYTHING! Even if the question simply stated: Is this quantitative or qualitative data? You cannot just state “quantitative”—you have to “show your work”. How exactly you show THAT work…beats me. Right—so now assignment one failed, assignment two already turned in (we turned it in before we found out about the show your work thing also) and about to fail.

The hero in the story…we’ll call her Lil Ray Ray. Now sweet Lil Ray Ray was determined to do well in the class. She realized that with only 6 total assignments that failing 2 assignments was a BIG deal. So she bravely raised her hand in class and addressed her concerns regarding the serious lack of communication. The TA was disappointed that we all got less than 50%...well guess what buddy all our answers are right—we just didn’t know we were supposed to show such trivial work! Bob remained stubborn. But Lil Ray Ray continued to fight for right—on behalf of her stats grade and her fellow students. Over the week Lil Ray Ray gathered support and raised the troops…then we attacked! Everyone emailed their concerns to the TA. Together. For—ev—er!

Next class. Bob stands up. He then humbly announced that there appeared to have been a miscommunication and that he is not in fact as evil and stubborn as we have all perceived him. He announced a student victory! Hurrah! No work would be counted until assignment 3! There is still hope for a pass! The revolution has been fought! The revolution has been won!

Friday the 13th…dun dun dun
It was a scary night…spent playing Clue in dim scary lights. Very fitting really. Many died before we found the murderer. But at long last Professor Plum was caught and his sick killings ended (why anyone would kill with a lead pipe in the ballroom I will never know.

Saturday was Stake Conference.
The Stake President, who was at the Hill Cumorah Pageant, spoke on his experiences at the Hill. His words brought back so many fun memories from the summer—both comical and spiritual. The Hill Cumorah is such a phenomenal experience! You actually get to be the scriptures and act in the place of those who’s stories are shared in the Book of Mormon. He shared particularly on the amazing experiencing of being in the place of those in 3rd Nephi post destruction who actually got to witness the Savior come. A truly amazing experience! Thanks family for one of the most phenomenal experiences ever!

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