10 Clues I'm Procrastination

10 Clues I'm Procrastinating:
1. I've made brownies
2. I've made frosting for the brownies
3. I've frosted the brownies and now they're half gone
4. I've done laundry
5. My laundry is not only clean...but folded
6. My room is clean
7. I've posted on someone's facebook wall
8. I've commented on someone's facebook picture(s)
9. I've commented on someone's blog
10. I'm blogging

This past week was consumed with the daunting assignment of a 10 page research paper. 10 pages is NOT what made this daunting. At BYU 10 pages was the norm...easy in fact. I've done 25 pagers before. What made this particularly daunting is that it is worth 45% of my grade! I repeat: FORTY-FIVE PERCENT! That's kind of a lot...nearly half! If I failed the paper I pretty much fail the course! Yet somehow I still procrastinated. I call it planned procrastination, however. Let me explain...

I never procrastinate to a point that I cannot still get things done--and done well. It just so happens that I have to mull over assignments for a while when the pressure is still on the horizon. Then once the pressure is up in my face I've thought about it enough that the combined pre-contemplation and adrenalin makes for some productive use of minimal time and beautiful pieces of work. Thus the art of planned procrastination.

So Monday
Paper! And by that I mean...
-half gone brownies

Paper! And by that I mean...
-all frosted brownies gone (hey--I didn't make a whole batch)
-folded laundry
-clean room

Paper! And by that I mean...
-more brownies
-played on/posted on facebook
-caught up on some blog reading
-typed last weeks blog
-am typing this weeks blog
-all nighter and lots of paper writing!

Remember the days when I used to have a social life...well my social life was reinstated after I turned in that ridiculous paper on the risk and protective factors of bullying!
So Thursday night=Julia's bday dinner!
A group of us went to Mexico Radio for some fabulous Mexican cuisine! Apparently for Julia's birthday it's tradition to eat burritos and root beer...so we did. For me...no Cafe Rio here so I got a chicken tostada in honor of my fading memory of that Utahan restaurant. Delcicious! Afterward we went bck to her apartment for desserts! Yum!

The evening was simply a party hopping evening. A number of members were throwing parties...
-My friend Rich threw a hot cocoa party with AMAZING hot cocoa in his apartment that looks out over the Hudson
-The last party we made it to was a part in the penthouse of a 47 story building down by Wall Street! That view was pretty breathtaking too! You could even see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance! Loved it!

My friend Joey has a car that he needed to get fixed so I accompanied him to Jersey. FIRST TIME EVER IN THAT STATE (that I'm aware of)! It was strange being in a vehicle without a million people! We drove off the island via Lincoln tunnel and returned via George Washington Bridge--so we got to experience both! And while his car was fixed we explored Jersey! It was lots of fun. There was a park we wandered through with amazing yellow and orange leaves, and also some quaint and adorable streets with homes (not apartments) with porches! And yards! And space between the homes! AND the air smelled fresh! Loved it!

Saturdy night my roommate Kelly sang in a fireside called "Women at the Well" so Megs and I ventured up to the building she was performing at. Kelly sounded marvelous! She really has such a phenomenal voice!

After the fireside, Megs and I went back to her apt where we made some dinner and played the "Theme Song Game"--the one where you put your iPod on shuffle, choose a random person that you know, push next on the iPod and whatever song comes up IS that persons theme song! It's a hysterical game!

The weather=PHENOMENAL! What a beautiful fall day!

I got ready with my girlfriends--Julia, Megs, and Carolyn--then we all went to church together.

Church was lovely. It was quite impressive--this guy who is getting baptized in like a week spoke in church! He was introduced to the church maybe 2 months ago and he's already speaking! That's brave! I've been a member for years and I'm still intimidated by such a task!

Then after church 2 of my friends--Tim and Tom--and I took a stroll through the park in order to appreciate the beautiful fall weather.

And that's my lovely week. Welcome back life...for approx. 5 days!

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