Week Highlights

7. Late Start Mondays.
Best part about Mondays is that I can sleep in til 9! Cause I don’t have to be to my internship until 11!

6. CPI Training Tuesday.
Tuesday I didn’t meet with any clients—I didn’t even have any meetings. Why? Because all staff were scheduled for CPI Training—a nonviolent crisis intervention program. In other words, pretty much we spent all day learning self defense moves. It was awesome! We got to punch at coworkers, deflect my supervisors’ kicks, and break choke holds and arm grabs. It was hysterically fun. Now whether a client or some random street savvy NYC punk tries to take me down I am ready!

5. Amusement Park Wednesday aka Front Car of the 2 line!
On this seemingly typical day I boarded a 2. I rode it for quite some distance. Over time more and more people crammed on and I was pushed closer and closer to the front. Finally, I could move no further; I was smashed right against the front wall. It was in one of those I’m being smothered and suffocated by the commuters of New York moments, that I realized there was a window looking out at the track. Blue, red, and white flashing lights, sparks, momentary fear as oncoming trains appeared in the distance, speeding down the tunnels of New York’s underground—it was as though I had stepped onto Disneyland's Space Mountain! I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and just start screaming! It was SO much fun! It’s truly a crime that so many of the lines have their operators at the very front of the subway; they deprive riders of the most exhilarating and free amusement park-like entertainment in the city!

On my return I purposely allowed the 3 to pass by me in order to again have this free roller coaster ride. I boarded the front car; however, someone else had made the same discovery! Two children no more than eight! I patiently waited my turn—but no—they had to travel further than me! My turn never came! It was tragic. Why didn’t their mothers teach them to take turns? Never mind, I will try again as I am hence forth determined to only ride the 2 so that I can always experience this New York Space Mountain.

4. BYU Spoiled Me Thursday.
Today I experienced my first day of Institute…EVER. It was fabulous! My friend, Maria Pedroza, teaches it. The course is on the Book of Mormon—studied in chronological order. You may wonder about my heading then…is there a “But…?” Or a “The only thing is…?” Let me explain: I’ve never had to go to institute before. Religion classes were integrated into my university education. As you can see it was a very new experience for me to spend two hours on a weekday night to go to a religion class in a ward building in lower Manhattan. Surprisingly this commute and extra effort was far from a bad thing. On the contrary, that extra effort gave me time to focus and prepare more adequately.

3. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS FRIDAY!
As I’m sure you have guessed, movie two of our “Halloween Is Coming Weekly Movie Viewing” was the infamous Ghostbusters! It was delightful watching the actors run all over New York—Columbia and the New York Library being just two of the many NYC scene settings in the movie. The evening was also complemented with fabulous Flight of the Concords viewings and divine taco salad.

2. Missionaries/Pinewood Derby/Labyrinth Saturday
My roommate Kelly and I took the sister missionaries to the Shake Shack for dinner! It was fabulous! They are some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met! We all got the shack burger and some got milk shakes, others got concretes (super thick milk shakes). We ate, then they shared a message with us…loved it.

After dinner we went to a stake wide pinewood derby to support some of our friends who had made cars named Stuart and Huey (those are the names of the cars…NOT the people).

That's Russ adding$1.50 for weight! (That's my laundry money actually. Don't worry, I got it back.)

Preparing to be cheerleaders...not!

Naturally we rooted for winners—wouldn’t have it any other way. Stuart took first! Huey third!

That's Stuart winning!

I think the I heart Stuart and Huey signs are really what led these cars to victory. Oh—and after Stuart won, there was a cheat round—so we taped Stuart, Huey, and our other friend’s second place “Sylvia” together to make another first place winner TRIPLE THREAT!

Phenomenal really. Oh. And that's my hand holding the sign!

Um…Labyrinth. Let’s see. So—you know the movie The Dark Crystal? This fabulous film was made by the same guy! AKA family you MUST watch it! It’s HYSTERICAL! It’s on drugs! So I repeat: watch it! Love it!

1. Restful Sabbath
Enough said.

Have a good week! Loves!

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