Once upon a time I had a social life.
The end.

3am studying:

But it's ok cause really I was happy!
I love no sleep, lots of reading, and stress!

And it all paid off...96% baby! Yahoo! I'm sorry--I don't tend to brag about grades; however, I am SO proud as it was my first grad school midterm! That may be my only "A" so I'm going to love it and flaunt it while I can. Give me a week and I'm sure many a low grades will be headin my way--this grad school stuff can be difficult!

Want more to my fairytale story of a lack of social life and abundance of books, late nights, and libraries?

Ok fine...

And I lived happily ever after because...drum roll...actually I take that back--let's go with trumpets...cause we princess-a-fied our bathroom! Take a look:

The red carpet to our castle...

The beads on the shower curtain...very princessey

Beautiful princess wall hangings

I'm like royalty in my own bathroom...

...throne and all! Muahahaha!

Now...how bout getting to know the other princesses of 4N a lil bit better...aka my roommates?

Natalie, 27
Pro ballroom dancer. She teaches. She competes. She places. She's cool.

Eats nothing with calories--it's a ballroom diet. Ok, she does obviously have some caloric intake...but she is very VERY strict about it. Ballroom is largely appearance based...diet is sort of required. Talk about self control! I must admit I do enjoy her noodles though.

Kelly, 23...in like 2 weeks:
Obsessed with Twilight/New Moon books...and actors...her bedroom wall is plastered with pictures of the movies. In fact, for her bday we're all going to the midnight showing of New Moon. She purchased the tickets in September! This poster is on the bedroom door:

Musical theater guru.

Laura, 24:Has a turtle she calls Myrtle. Though I've discovered he prefers Rafael (what can I say...it's all my Ninja Turtle experience that really allowed me to discover that). Only Laura and I like Myrtle/Rafael...the others are turtle haters. Really I just think they're jealous that Myrtle/Rafael likes Laura and me the best.

Disney lover. Winnie the Pooh backpack, many t-shirts...she even was in Disneyland last week.

And that’s our lil kingdom.
Y’all best be bowing down to royalty.
Dinner provided. Very serious/professional—meetings with agendas and minute keepers are far from new, however, to do anything or discuss anything on the board not only do you have to motion to do so—but someone really legitimately has to second your motion too. Very legit. The board is extremely fun! There are about 20 or so members—15 second years and 5 first years. Two of the other first years are in 2/3 of my classes—Aaron and Holli. They are both extremely nice and upbeat. Zeeshan is also a first year…he’s 18. Yes, you read correctly…18. Can we say genius? He skipped high school and did the whole college thing at 14…cause that’s normal. We discovered his age because some people were talking about going to happy hour to watch the game at a nearby bar and he said he couldn’t go. People thought he was choosing to study so they gave him a hard time…then it finally came out that he’s not old enough to hit up the bars just yet. The last first year is TBA. There was a tie for the fifth position, apparently, so they’re having a runoff election this week. Dun dun dun…Billy or Yvelle…who will it be?

Other exciting events of this week:
First Executive Board Meeting.

Foundations of Social Work.
My foundations professor shared the most comical story this week. Once upon a time he was a master of social work student himself. During his studies he was required to take what he felt was the absolute most pointless class. There was no syllabus, no agenda, nothing…all they did was sit in a circle and as a class would discuss whatever people brought up. Literally anything. The professor was there as a facilitator and mediator. However, other than that she did nothing. At the end of the class she would then pass around note cards on which people could write whatever they wanted; she would then collect the cards and read them at the beginning of the next class, and the class would comment and discuss the shared thoughts.
My dear foundations professor was late—end of discussion. He always came in 15-30 minutes late to this 3 hour class. The first week he shared that it was due to traffic—though he was only coming from the Bronx and others had come from New Jersey and Connecticut. Week after week he was late. Whenever he’d show up, the professor would welcome him and inform him about what the class was talking about. One day he came in and the professor informed him they were talking about my professor and how they could help my him be on time for class. So my professor sat and seethed as class members attempted to gauge why he was chronically late and then further suggest ways that he could be on time. When it came time to write on the note cards he had devised a plan to get back at the teacher (since obviously she was out to get him). He wrote on the card that she promised to read anonymously out loud something to the effect of: Professor _____ is the biggest beep beep beep *@!#! Etc… I hope you gathered it was not very pleasant…I edited it for your sake. He is much more mature now, I assure you.
The next class my professor arrived on time so that he could be sure he could call her out on not reading his card. He thought he could prove she was a fraud of a professor because she would never actually read the card out loud. She started reading through the cards; finally she got to one—paused—he knew it was his. He knew he had her. She was a fraud. Then suddenly she read, someone writes Professor _____ is the biggest beep beep beep *@!#! Etc… My professor, though shocked, was certain his classmates would support him. He was very much surprised, however, when one by one each of the other members of the class shared that they disagreed and that they were, in fact, learning a lot about themselves, others, counseling, discussions, etc. At the end of class the professor told my professor that she was happy to see him in class, no matter how late he arrived. My professor was never late again.
Why this story? He told this story to show that our attitudes really affect us both for better or worse; a negative attitude can really do some negative things. He had chosen to hate the class and the professor, so he was having a miserable time. Once he changed his attitude he deemed that the class was actually extremely educational and beneficial. He now claims it to have been one of his most life changing and helpful classes.
Attitude. It’s all about your attitude! And if you have a bad attitude…fake a good one…or as my friend out her says, “Fake it until you make it”. It’s hard to stay negative when you’re acting positively.
And lastly...this week was also my little brother Jonathan's birthday...

Happy Birthday bro! Love you!

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