The Surprise

Oh it has been a most marvelous week. Let’s see…

It was Columbus Day, so I joyfully celebrated it by doing something I never do...Internship! 11am to 7pm. It was a pleasant and easy day, however. I mostly caught up on paperwork. It’s interesting the holidays we observe in this country. Why don’t we celebrate some of the truly important holidays…doing a little google research I discovered these most spectacular holidays:

October 1-31—Family History Month (fam be sure to be reading Grandma and Grandpa Price’s most fabulous family history book!)
October 3—Virus Appreciation Day
October 26—Mule Day

…this next one is the absolute most important holiday…

October 28—National Chocolate Day (I do hope all will observe this most fabulous holiday by eating chocolate. Note: according to the websites there are approximately 3 national chocolate days. This is hardly surprising, rather it emphasizes the necessity and importance of this most important food)

October 29—Hermit Day
November 19—Have a Bad Day Day (all in school be wary of this one)
December 1—National Pie Day
January, August, and April 13th—Blame Somebody Else Day
January 21—National Hugging Day
February 8—Fly a Kite Day
February 22—Be Humble Day
February 27—International Polar Bear Day
March 15—Everything You Think is Wrong Day
March 22--National Goof-Off Day
March 25—Waffle Day
March 26—Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
March 31—Bunsen Burner Day
April 12—Look Up at the Sky Day
April 26—Hug an Australian Day (Bekah B that one’s for you)
March 8—Have a Coke Day (a great way to prepare for my birthday)
July 3—Compliment Your Mirror Day
July 4—Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day
July 15—Respect Canada Day
July 18—National Ice Cream Day
August 1-7—National Smile Week
August 22—Be an Angel Day
September 6—Fight Procrastination Day
September 28—Ask a Stupid Question Day

Going on…Monday night=good old FHE playing the marvelous game of Mafia. So it’s come to my attention that these quote on quote “dumb little Mormon games” are only as dumb as you make them. They are all about your attitude. Luckily my FHE group had the best attitudes so we all had so much fun. Really though—I guess that’s true about everything. You have as much fun in life as you choose to have. I choose to have fun!

Oh…and please check out the Sister Missionary’s thank you to Kelly and me for dinner last week.

Haha. Isn’t that just adorable?! They are hysterical!

Internship and tutoring!

Tutoring is definitely one of my week highlights.

School and studying…and of course the Artsy Party my friends held. They have weekly parties—Us Re-Open, Charlie and the Chocolate Party, Artsy—it’s such a brilliant idea. 9pm Wednesday nights. They’re quite popular I must say.

School…and…drum roll…I found out that I actually won! Ha!

Won what? You are probably wondering. Well last week I ran to be on Columbia's School of Social Work Student Union Executive Board as First Year Rep and on Thursday I received an email welcoming me to the board! Yay.

This is a picture of my campaign poster:

That statue, a replica of “The Thinker”, is on campus. Super cheesy right? Ha!

My responsibilities are not entirely set in stone at this point; however, from what I can tell I’ll be helping with student activities, and advocating on behalf of the first year students with information gathered from forums, etc.

Thursday night one of my absolute best friends (all the way from high school) graduated from flight attendant school! Congrats Bekah! Bekah may be one of my fave people in the whole world because she lives life to its fullest, and loves it all the way. Her story...

Once upon a time Rebekah graduated with a bachelor in journalism. She got a grown up job, then decided perhaps law school would be great. So she prepped for the LSAT, and took an internship in Australia to build her resume. After trying out this internship, however, she discovered it was a horrible internship. Therefore, she upped and left and instead spent her 6 months in Australia backpacking all over the place meeting new people everywhere she went. When she ran low on money she’d get a job in a hostel or something. All of this amazing traveling and adventure helped her realize that at this time in her life she has no desire to attend law school. Bekah really desired to travel. So she came home and worked as head coach for Northcrest Swim Team while determining her next step. Come August she had the most brilliant idea—a flight attendant. You see Bekah wants to travel, however, she is also responsible and wise as she wanted a viable income as well. She went to the first interview and out of 300 people she and 49 others were selected for a second interview. From that she and a few select others were chosen to participate in a grueling training during which an additional 8 were cut from. But Bekah succeeded and graduated Thursday! Wonderful isn’t it?

Well Bekah called me after her graduation and we were discussing how it’s so great that she now can fly for free so I can’t wait until she comes to visit me. I was thinking she’d probably come in 6 months or something. Only a few hours later, however, Bekah called me up to tell me she would be out in NYC to visit TOMORROW! SURPRISE!

Bekah aka the Best Surprise Ever! I could hardly focus at my internship with the knowledge that Bekah would soon be in NYC to hang out for the weekend!

Bekah got to my apt around 7:00…so then naturally we had to get some food. Bekah and I do best when fed. So we went and got Chicago Uno’s gluten and gluten free pizza! Yum. We sat right by the window where we could look over a beautiful grove of trees right next to Central Park. It was so fun! So you know how people usually talk similarly to those they are around. Well you know you are really good friends when you hardly see each other and you still answer people at the same time, or use similar phrases. Ha! It was hysterical.

After food we walked around a bit in the Upper West Side—I felt it appropriate to show Bekah my neighborhood. After that we hung out at my apt catching up, laughing, and watching an adorable chick flick.

In the morning I took the Certified Health Education Specialist Exam (CHES) at 8am. Bekah was exhausted so she slept in. It worked out perfect because I then got back right as she was getting up. We made and ate pancakes for breakfast/lunch. Then the two of us went down to Times Square where we wandered around.

Then we went to check out matinee TKTS tickets. So then we went to…drum roll…(I like drum rolls if you can’t tell)…West Side Story on Broadway.

Talk about phenomenal. Beautiful. Intense. It evoked every emotion—happiness, love, hatred, fear, sadness. It is an emotional rollercoaster that allows the audience to express and experience nearly every feeling in the book. The music was lovely. I think my favorite part was that the Puerto Rican characters actually all spoke fluent Spanish and so Spanish was intertwined throughout much of the dialogue and even some of the songs—very different from Utah’s community theater versions. It felt more real and authentic because of it. Not to mention the fabulous actor who played the lead role of Tony was most attractive...a definite bonus (too bad he's married).

Oh—and I must point out that we seriously got hooked up! We got these really cool side tickets—but not so awkwardly to the side that you couldn’t see. We even (this is the best part) had a curtain you had to open to get to our seats! I may have felt slightly like dear Abe Lincoln…only not cause his experience at the theater ended in a fatality.

After the play Bek and I wandered around Times Square again, did our makeup at Sephora (again I love that you can use everything and do your own makeovers there!), then we met up for a surprise party bday dinner for Meaghan at the Times Square TGIF Fridays. It was awesome! Two of Meaghan’s best friends from Idaho came into town—we had been coordinating cross country to plan this, then Julia (Meaghan’s roommate) made a most beautiful fun-fetti cake that was quickly devoured.

Post dinner, Bekah and I went down to Lower Manhattan where we met up with…can we do another drum roll?...Jeremy Cortez! Jeremy is another high school friend. He moved out to NYC about 3 years ago. When he first moved here he lived in the city, but has since moved upstate NY a bit so I hadn’t seen him yet. It was so much fun. We all caught up and watched the Yankees game. I cannot express my love for good chats with good friends. You know you’re in the company of good friends when you can pick up wherever you left off.

The game was still going at 1:30am, but we were tired so we headed. We took a cab to Grand Central where Jeremy parted back up state, and Bekah and I tried to take the shuttle back to Times Square. It was my first experience at Grand Central—it’s simply beautiful! It reminded me of numerous things including the fabulous flick—Madagascar—and the You Tube video, Frozen Grand Central:

However, we forgot the shuttle stops at midnight, and the other train that typically runs to Times Square wasn’t working. Therefore, we had a lovely adventure of transferring at many stations (and at nights the subways run far from frequently), so Bekah and I returned to my apt around 3am.

Another important thing to note about Saturday, October 17th before we discuss Sunday is that the 17th is the day of my dear Grandpa ZBoldoBell’s birthday!

He’s amazing! Why?

He’s the master of UpWords,

He loves chocolate chip cookies,

He tells the absolute BEST Albert the Alligator stories,

Not only does he still attempt to water ski,

But he actually still succeeds at waterskiing (and does it well too),

and pretty much he is one of the most loving, giving, caring, fun, and wonderful people I know!

Happy Happy Birthday Gramps! I love you!

Morning=sleep, sleep, sleep
Afternoon=Bekah left early afternoon to catch a flight up to Maine to visit her older sister. But it was fantastic seeing her! Truly a marvelous weekend!

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