The rest of the week...

Internship Day 2. From class, my understanding was that we would shadow for a month or two…then get clients of our own. Tuesday morning I sat in while another worker met with clients—it was very helpful and educational. I felt so positive about this whole shadowing thing. I was most surprised, therefore, to receive five clients after lunch... I was told to read through and familiarize myself with their charts. Again I thought—ok I’ll shadow for a while and get to know them before taking over the cases. An hour before I left, however, my supervisor told me she thought I should probably start meeting with a few clients come Friday. What?! I thought. But she obviously meant it. So I sent out two notices to meet with clients for Friday. Very exciting, no? (Internship details here.)

Tuesday night: Right after my internship on Tuesdays I have to book it to the subway in order to make it up to Harlem to tutor. Last year some members put together a tutoring program where individuals come and tutor/mentor children in the Harlem family ward. The goal is to help them desire to graduate high school—so we tutor, help them set goals, etc. The program is called Hotdogs and Homework because from 6:30-7:00pm we eat hotdogs, then from 7:00-8:00pm we tutor. Most of the students are high school students, but I got lucky cause I was paired with the most adorable 9-year-old! Not that I don't love high school students, she’s just so adorable!

Oh class. Haha. It was hysterical coming to class. Instead of well rested students everyone was completely dead. That happy healthy glow was replaced with stress and sleep deprivation. Then there were the stories—it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one stressed out about learning the ropes of a new internship and profession. And furthermore, I apparently got lucky with my placement—some people do mostly paperwork, others have to be in front of large committees and courts, etc fighting for clients’ rights and all…mine is the perfect first-year placement for me. Yes it is exhausting (which you can probably tell even through my lamely flat and boring writing—but hey, I’m task oriented at the moment. I only have so much time I can allot to blogging), but I’m truly loving it! Already I feel myself growing.  Not to mention, my supervisor is amazingly supportive and kind—which is apparently not how everyone’s are.

Class, class…read read read! Yay reading. I typically go up to my friend Meaghan’s apt to study. We all hang out, study, take laugh breaks, study some more, eat ice cream or popcorn, study again. Megs is at Hunter—though sadly she’s only here for a semester. Tragic, I know.  LOVE that girl!

My sleep in day! Yay oh yay!



I went to my Church's temple night. Temple's are considered holy and sacred ground, and are often referred to as "The House of the Lord". They are a place where Heaven and earth connect, and a place to worship and pray.  And the temple is truly the only place where one can find true and pure peace in this awesomely crazy city. It was wonderful. Here I am walking on the streets—cars honking, people pretty much everywhere—then the next second I walk through these welcoming doors to find the all the sounds and tensions of the world completely muted. It was marvelous!

Birthday party and Shake Shack! It was my friend, Eric’s birthday so following temple night we all went to the renowned Shake Shack. The Shake Shack is a NY must: fantatic burgers and shakes. Amazingness really. And divine. I went with chocolate (shocker I know).

Internship day of doom. Okay I'm kidding.  It really wasn't bad. When I arrived, I was told my caseload had been altered so one of the people I was meeting with was no longer one of my clients. They just wanted me to meet her and explain what had happened then I’d take her to her Independent Living Specialist (ILS) (that’s what I’d be called if I wasn’t an intern) and shadow their meeting for "experience". Sadly, my other client was a noshow.  And I was prepared! You know that new intern over-prepared thing...  Ya, that was me.

Anyway, come 3 the client who was technically no longer my client arrived, thus I took her to meet with her assigned ILS. I introduced her and then sat down to shadow... Awkward silence... Finally the ILS broke the silence, “I’m sorry. This is my first day. I was told I was just going to shadow you?” Problem! Ha. I responded, “Oh funny, this is my third day and I too was told I would shadow you. Looks like we’ll just kind of have to work through this together...” It was hysterical. I sort of took the reins at first and put on a “sure I know what I’m doing face”. Finally I turned it over to him as the other ILS really is going to be working with that client. Too funny.  And favorite quote from today: “When you’re thrown into the water you either swim or drown. So you better swim.” And oh did we swim! Oh fun fun.

Friday night:
At 7:15pm I met up with Jane Wilcox and Hannah Wright from my church to go to a concert at the Manhattan School of Music as other church members were performing. Jane and Hannah are phenomenal! Jane is in her second year at Columbia Law while getting a Master in something else at the same time, and Hannah is in her second year doing dance at Julliard, and was last year's Miss Utah Runner Up. We had a fabulous time! This amazing violinist played…and wow did he play! He really was superb! His playing was so crisp and lovely. Such a delight!

After, I went to Meaghan's where she, Julia, and I hung out. It was amazingly relaxing knowing the next morning I had no school, no internship, just…homework. Ha.

Then naturally, Saturday morning at 1:00am—my roommate and I decided to have a spontaneous pamper night. Thus we watched The Man in the Iron Mask while doing masks and nails. And yes we did go to the store at 1:00 am. Very needed. Very loved.

My skin is smoother than a baby's rump now!

Morning/early afternoon: Homework!
Afternoon: I tried to buy hot rollers. I failed to buy hot rollers that actually work.
Night: Yay for birthdays. We went to another birthday party for two of our friends. Before, I helped Alycia and Melissa make a three layer lusciously divine chocolate cake of heaven and bliss (that I couldn’t eat thanks to gluten—but it looked good). This is us making the cake…well actually eating the frosting (which I COULD eat...and DID eat):

Then went over to our friends apartment for the birthday bash. So fun. Food. Dancing. Cool lighting. Grand.

Church: Katie Jensen (as in Katie from East High) was there! She came out to run a marathon...possibly a half...I don't remember. But it was good to see her. Little bit of home here in NY.
Evening with Meaghan, Julia, and Vanessa just chatting.
Slumber party with Megs. We slept with the window open and GUESS WHAT! We woke up to BIRDS! Chirping! Yes they do exist in NY. Well—can you count pigeons cooing as a bird chirping? (That's Meaghan's question.) It was still wonderful to wake up to that.

And that’s my week. I love you all. I’ll try to be more animated in the future as opposed to this mechanical whipping it out as fast as possible. Haha. Loves.

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