Oh! My! Gosh! Today we had field placement training (internship training really) from 9:00am…to 5:00pm! (Only we got out at 3:00—still the thought of potentially having to stay that long was dreadfully daunting! Haha!)

Right, so 9:00am I went to my assigned classroom for "training". We were told our internship training was going to be with our Foundations Class…oddly enough, when I arrived only half of our class was there combined with half of another class. It was strange—but we figured we’d just been misinformed. Finally our trainer/year long advisor and field placement grader arrived. Yikes! So intimidating! So strict! The tension was beyond palpable. No one wanted to comment, participate, anything. Simply put...not my type of learning environment. It was horrible! The minutes moved so slowly that I feared the clock would soon start regressing!

9:05…9:05.555….9:06.33….9:08….. 9:09.53235….9:11.1…9:11.222…you get the point…9:28...9:29…then suddenly at 9:30 the door opened, the clouds parted, and an angel appeared bringing the greatest tidings I’ve ever heard! Apparently there had been a technical glitch and half of the class (my half) was in the WRONG ROOM! Meaning that we had a DIFFERENT advisor! Hallelujah! Praise the heavens! Oh happy blessed day! (I'm sure she's great; again, just not my type of learning environment.) Practically skipping we went down the elevator and found a room that was full of laughs and cheer!

Really though—it was surprising how big of a difference there was just in the aura of the room. Instead of sitting far apart, eyes all at the ground praying that the teacher wouldn’t call on you, everyone was pulled up around one large table in ultra cushiony chairs; it was like one big happy family. The advisor was cracking jokes, and being simply marvelous! I was so happy! I AM so happy! After all, she is my year-long advisor! She has more of the grandmotherly like feel—both a friend and a counselor. We chatted and discussed our fears about our internship. Then she gave us advice, and made sure we realized that we are interns and we had better make a mistake or two! Ha. It was great! She even told us that when we end up crying about the stress of working with such "rough populations" that we HAVE to tell her! Cause she’s there to help! Much more my style!

And that was the bulk of my day…just an hour lunch break during which Spencer, Sadie, and I sat on the grass in the momentary sunlight! Quite pleasant!


Evening Union Square outing with Meaghan! We went to Sephora—a huge makeup store—and gave ourselves makeovers with all of the testers!

Meaghan chose pink and I chose purple! Ha. Then we sat on the steps, appreciated the beautiful Eifel tower in the distance

...it was blue. And Meaghan ate a giant cupcake at a place called “Crumbs”—it was quite scrumptious looking.

9:00-12:00 Foundations
12:00-12:30 Brown bag lunches!

So you know how people buy permits to stand around doing little talents on the streets and in the subway terminals to make money. Most—instruments, cool silver dudes, singers…the usual. Well if you want to make money take my advice:

Yes ladies and gentlemen. This individual stands in the 42nd St (Time Square) terminal in a red dress with white wings and just stands there! And she makes money too! Lots of it! She’s like the most popular street performer there is! Sometimes she moves…occasionally she'll blows bubbles…but THAT’S IT! I think I may compete: I'll wear a white dress with red wings and instead of bubbles I’ll just spit! She’s so random right? But I do love her individuality! Way to be unique red dress white winged woman!


Roommate hang out! My roommates are crazy in the most positive sense of the word! We have so much fun! Singing, dancing, laughing…you’d never guess we’re 23 to 27 years old! Ha.


And I did laundry! Okay that's a total lie...I dreamt about doing laundry. Still a lie...I avoided thinking about how much laundry I should do... Grandpa Dean, if you could please mail me back my laundry when I send it to you...all clean of course...that would be marvelous! Thank you! :-)

And, my dear friend Meaghan hurt her foot. We thought it was broken…which gratefully it’s not…but thinking it might be broken we had a movie night at Meaghan’s with PIZZA (gluten free!), a bunch of fun girls from church, and dear Zac Efron (naturally)!

Sadly, I did more…HOMEWORK! Homework is defined as reading! LOTS AND LOTS OF READING! Articles, text, novels…LOTS AND LOTS OF READING! Arg! And it is my life. Yay! Ok, not that bad. But sometimes I feel like it's my job to complain... In fact, I think somewhere I missed the fine print in the CUSSW brochures that said: "Student Requirement: due the ridiculous amounts of reading you will endure during your studies at CUSSW, you are required to complain. Frequently. And passionately." Haha.  I'm kidding...ish.

Luckily the evening was much more exciting and homework free as Meaghan and I met up with some other church friends to experience…ITALIAN FEST!

Naturally, it was in Little Italy of course! Loved it! There were SO many people! EVERYWHERE! Walking was near impossible! Personal space: non existence! And curse the fools who brought strollers (kidding)! But it was a blast! It was pretty much one big carnival! Oh, and Meaghan and I got gelato on our journey through the crowd to our friends.

Then of course we ended the evening with some delicious Italian cuisine!


And lucky us—
an Italian Festival Parade passed right by us as we sat eating that delicious Italian cuisine.

Funny story…so right before I came out here I had a friend tell me to look up this super cool girl named Maria. He gave me her number and info…but I hadn’t gotten around to calling her just yet. Earlier this same Saturday day I looked her up on facebook intending on sending her a message that we should meet up sometime, but I got distracted and never did... Anyway, when we met up with our friends this very familiar looking girl was with them…and as I’m sure you’re guessing it turns out it was the girl my friend wanted me to meet! She, however, recognized me first! Ha! Apparently we had both done some facebook stalking. What are the odds?! She’s a doll! Ha. The end.

Church: Our Relief Society enjoyed (haha) the annual Bishop’s Chastity Talk (meaning morality). I must say, it was surprisingly one of the most comical relief society hours I have ever attended. He was so blunt that it wasn’t awkward…it was down right hysterical. He told us his goal was to make us fear men. Then he shared, when he talks with the men his goal will be to make them fear God. He also did a good job of explaining the principles behind chastity. He shared, “Abstinence before marriage is practicing the principle of fidelity in marriage.” He went on, a synonym for abstinence is self-discipline. Self-mastery is what mortality is all about…conquering the natural man. Great job Bishop!

Sacrament Meeting was oddly hilarious too. The guy who spoke second got up, announced he’d forgotten his notes but his topic was “Faith” and the Bishop wanted him to share his conversion story…so he did. He took off into the most comical and animated conversion story I’ve ever heard. Somehow no matter where he ended up: Texas, Boston, wherever…he "ALWAYS became friends with the Mormons". And they always invited him to “those dances…the ones where people wear... clothes. With sleeves and all! Cause you know ‘modest IS the hottest’” (direct quote—I take notes). Yet somehow no one ever simply invited him to church. Finally, after years of having Mormon friends all over the country, a girl invited him to church. That Saturday night he got so nervous he called and asked, “Where and when will we meet? What should I wear? What should I bring? Do I need to bring a butter-churn?” Yes…he did say that! I loved this guy! After his first Sacrament Meeting he spoke to the missionaries instead of attending classes. Then the next day, the girl who invited him to church (a coworker actually) asked him if he’d like to do dinner. Again I quote him: “I’m thinking pretty girl, dinner…done. So I show up and she’s brought CHAPERONES! Two of them! They were in suits with little name tags! I’m thinkin—whoa! There are a few too many guys here and not enough girls for me to be comfortable.” Yeah…he got baptized pretty quickly. It was a great story!


Roommate hang out…during which we discussed what color we are going to paint the bathroom. We’re thinking pink. And we may or may not (most likely may) theme it: Princess! Why? Because this is the only chance we will have to have a princess bathroom! No way will our husbands allow it… True, there is a slight chance our children will have a princess bathroom, but it still won’t technically be ours! And that’s the reasoning behind the princess bathroom. Right now it’s just talk…we’ll see though. We’ll see.


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