A Mommy Daughter Adventure

Oh gee, where to start! Ok. So I moved out to the Big Apple! Yes, you heard right: I currently reside in New York City! Crazy right?  I'm here to get me a Masters in Social Work.

My amazing mom moved me back.  Love her!  She flew back with me and stayed for a few days to help me get settled; it was extremely fun! Our adventure began Wednesday morning when we left around 7:00am. My fam waved me off, and I felt super special because my cute siblings all chased the car down the street waving at me. Thanks young ones!

So hopefully to avoid boring you too much I’ll cover the week’s highlights (not that the week was boring...it's just that we did a lot...). Still I warn you: this somehow remains EXTREMELY long. I’m sure once EVERTHING'S not all new, my posts will be more concise.


-We flew…hung out in the Denver airport for a bit (Which my mom thinks may be one of the uglier airports that exist. I agree.)…then flew and flew and flew…until we landed in NYC! We then took a shuttle to my apartment where we joyfully carried four 50 lb bags and two 30 lb carry-ons up to the fourth floor! Ha! It was awesome! We are so buff!

-The apartment = adorable. It’s far enough away from the touristy areas that it is not too loud/busy. But close enough to still feel part of the fun. It’s a brownstone walk up (I’m on the fourth floor). There are two locked doors on the bottom floor you have to go through in order to get into the building, then another door directly to my apartment.

Inside the apt it’s all wood floors. The front room is huge and has one lovely red couch, a TV, a table, an exposed brick wall,

Oh right...and it’s pretty tall.

There is a bathroom, a mini kitchen
(it’s perhaps the size of the mudroom bathroom at my parent’s house),

And two bedrooms. I share with a girl named Kelly.
(She’s resting in the bed and said it was fine to take a pic of her like that. ha)

(Don't mind the mess under the desk...I'm still unpacking some stuff)

But please notice the AMAZING bedspread. One of my most amazing friends, Missy, made this for me right before I left! Beautiful isn’t it?! And it fits PERFECTLY! Thanks Missy! You're amazing!

Kelly is absolutely fabulous! She is from California and is currently getting her BA in musical theater. Her favorite role was Martha in the Secret Garden. She’s spunky, energetic, loud, has one of the greatest laughs EVER, and is very helpful with regard to navigating NYC. Laura and Natalie share the other room. Laura is in Arizona visiting home; Natalie spent the weekend at a ballroom dance competition (she went pro this year) in D.C. She and her partner took 3rd. Apparently she helped choreograph the fox trot Vanessa Williams is doing at the Daytime Emmys tonight! I met her today (Sunday) and she too is adorable! She was super tired from traveling back to D.C. though. Yet I am a fan of both of my roommates thus far!  (Did that sound like an advertisement or what...ha.) 

-Oh last feature about the apartment is that it has loft space for storage…and just enough that I have established a miniature study.

-Naturally after lugging the bags upstairs we rewarded our hard work by getting McDonalds (There’s one right around the corner from my apt on Broadway with a WALK-THROUGH window.  I'm not kidding.).

Lesson of the day:
50 lbs IS heavy.

-The desk/mini table hunt begins.
-The desk/mini table hunt fails.
-First subway experience = success.

We SURVIVED the subway! I was terrified of the subway. I swear anything bad that happens in a movie in NY happens on the subway. Then again, anything bad that happens in movies in general happens in NY. Ha. Oh well. I confess once we went a stop too far…but then we easily course corrected. PS: Have I mentioned there is a subway stop literally right around the block from my apt? No no, not even that far. It’s right around the corner! That means when winter comes and it’s frigid I CAN survive! Hurrah!

-For dinner we tried out this phenomenal gluten free restaurant—Café 82—that is just down the street a few blocks from my apt! Yum! We got a gf turkey sandwich (which was delicious) and [drum roll please] fettuccini alfredo! A favorite dish! And it was SO good! We also had pea soup which was delicious as well. I love food!

Lesson of the day:
ALWAYS have an umbrella. And if it’s raining take a HUGE oversized and annoyingly gigantic umbrella that you somehow carry in crowded streets without hitting everyone.

-Checked out my campus which was beautiful,



and more.

It is simply spectacular.

My mom brilliantly a self guided tour at the visitor's center,
thus we took on the first half of it where we discovered this lovely church:

We also went into the social work building which is quite lovely as well:

I’m excited for orientation. Oh…by the way. The freshmen there are SO spoiled...ok lucky! Their dining hall looks like the Hogwarts dining hall from Harry Potter! It’s SO cool!

-Lunch at Unos near Central Park. Oh divine! They have a gluten free menu with PIZZA! Hurrah! Loved it. It was thin crust—just how I like it! And there was enough to save for another meal! Yay!

Note: On our way we walked through a very Jewish neighborhood which totally reminded me of the good old days of living in Jerusalem! All the shops were "Closed For Shabbat". Love Shabbat. Love religion and culture. Love Jerusalem. Love New York.

-Desk/mini table search continues. My roommate recommended Target in the Bronx. So to Target in the Bronx we traveled. We took the subway and again survived. Then we ventured into Target where the entire world was shopping! It was insanely crowded! We got a few things we needed…but still no desk.

-Desk/mini table search fails.

-Time Square! My mom and I ventured to Time Square for the evening and to get dinner. I had forgotten how crazy…but amazingly awesome it is down there!

We checked out the m and m store.

...which is THREE, I repeat THREE stories tall!

And Dad...they even had a chess set!

This green m and m is for my cousin Megan:

Then we went to the Hershey store...

...delicious, but a bit of a letdown after the m & m store. However, they did give us a free kiss upon entering. Sometime I should go in and out repeatedly for hours. Muah-haha.

Finally we wound up at Olive Garden for a delicious gf dinner! Oh glorious food! The waiters here are all so knowledgeable about gluten! It sounds so trivial, but it truly makes such a difference in my ability to ever eat out!

Lesson of the day:
If you want to open a store in NYC you MUST provide the biggest bags possible because people have to carry it ALL on the subway! And when I say biggest…I mean BIG BIGGEST. (Oh, and cool people apparently buy storage bins from Target since EVERYONE and their dog bought some there today; and EVERYONE and their dog had them on the Subway.)

-In the morning we again ventured up to Columbia to check out the other half of campus. Again—just beautiful!

They have “The Thinker” by Rodin (I think—ha).

And a whole lot of other amazing (though some weird) architecture and sculptures.
This first one is a sun dial:

I do like the lion sculpture…cause Columbia’s mascot is the Lion.

That's a five story sculpture of Pegasus being tamed...? outside the law school.

-Desk/mini table search continues.

-Desk/mini table search SUCCEEDS!!! After 3 more stores we found it! It’s lovely! (It’s in the above bedroom pictures.) It’s big enough…and yet small enough to fit in my room! And I LOVE it! The end! The tricky part was getting it up the four flights of stairs to my apt. The worker helped us load it into a cab (Which by the way after we got into the cab, our driver from Bangladesh informed us it was his first day on the job so he wasn’t quite sure how to get to our apartment... Remember how this was our first week—haha. It was comical.), but then we had to carry the thing up to my apartment! The stairs to my apartment really could be referred to as the Mt. Everest of NY. Ok it’s not that bad…but I’ll tell you what: my rear-end is going to be in fantastic shape! Gym? Ha. Who needs that!

-Early afternoon we made a grocery run. Again…I love food! Ha. I really can find a lot of gluten free things here too! It’s fantastic! And lots of kosher things… I'm just sayin..

-Late afternoon we ventured through Central Park.

What an oasis and place of peace. It was so refreshing to leave the craziness of the streets and find this quiet serenity. I love Central Park. I live but 2 ½ blocksish West of it! I fully plan to utilize the park…a lot!

-Evening: MARY POPPINS! My wonderful mom took me to see my first Broadway as a New York resident!

And it was phenomenal! The set is like a gigantic doll house! One of my favorite scenes was the Stepping Time song! There was so much energy! And it was just so much fun! Mary Poppins stayed in character so well too! It was so impressive.

Ok, confession: parts of it reminded me of that Scary Mary video on You Tube where it turns Mary Poppins into a horror film trailor:

Seriously though, Mary Poppins at times appeared a little bit creepy with how she'd just pop out of nowhere. Not to mention she was so rigid in posture... excellent!

Oh—one of my mom’s favorite parts was the dancing statues—that had but a leaf for clothing. Ha. I'm kidding. It was a bit awkward. But it was funny.

My personal favorite line was when the statue said he missed his father to which Jane Banks replies:
"You’re a statue; you can’t have a father."
The statue then whined/shouted dramatically: "Then WHY do I miss him SO much?!" Haha! I died!

-After the fabulous musical we again made a McDonalds run as we hadn’t really eaten much that day. Ok…we had a bunch of snacks, but no food. Thus hamburgers and an m & m McFlurry were essentials!

-We finally went to bed around 2:00am.  ...we play hard!

Lesson of the day:
Things are always the last place you look. Ha. So don’t give up. (Even if 99% of stores are out of desks!) “Anything can happen if you let it.” –Mary Poppins

-This morning I said farewell to my mom. It was sad! I love her so much! Thanks for helping me move back here! I would have been pretty lost (and let’s be honest: possibly dead) without you! I had a SUPERB time! I love you! Thanks also dad for holding down the fort aka home this past week! That’s a tough job! I wish you could have been here too! I love you!

-I then went back to sleep at 6:30 am and woke up at 9:30, showered, hung out with my roommate Kelly, then ventured on the subway to church. Church is on the 3rd floor of the building—in the same structure as the temple (My Mom and I were so bummed when it was closed for cleaning during our NY adventuring. Next time Mom!).

 Isn't it beautiful!
And LOOK! The temple even has a Moroni:

Don't ask me why, but for some reason I felt it wouldn’t have a Moroni being in Manhattan and all.

-At church they had a meeting for newbies—meaning me and at least 20 others. (Nice to know I'm not alone.) There are a lot of really nice people at my church! I’m SO excited to get to know some of them better! So far I’ve learned there are Broadway performers, Julliard students, medical students, fashion design institute students, a whole lot of advertisers, and of course social workers.

-After church I tried out the bus with my roommate. Success.

-Now I am eating left over Olive Garden, making brownies (I know you’re all shocked), and writin up this super amazing blog for ya’ll.

Lesson of the day:To church you wear flip flops since walking in heels is difficult when going up and down a million and one stairs/and when walking over subway grates on the street. Then you change to your heels once inside! It’s a whole lot less treacherous and it helps your shoes to last longer! I guess a lot of people do that when going to work too!

Lesson of the week:
I can survive NY…I think! Ha! We’ll see after Columbia Orientation tomorrow! Dun dun dun…

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